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"No other humanitarian intervention produces a more dramatic effect on life than access to clean water and sanitation."

- World Vision


"Agility and Good Old Fashioned Chutzpah" - A Case Study of Success

A forerunner in water systems innovation, S.A.M.E. Water is a company which is known today for its ability to introduce new technology from across the globe to its operations in South Africa.

This story of ingenuity began years ago in 1966 when S.A.M.E. was established by Hans Adler and Willi Schulz as a company involved in the fabrication and installation of potable water treatment and wastewater treatment equipment.

When, a few years later, S.A.M.E. explored the possibility of bidding for contracts against bigger companies for work throughout Africa, the equipment manufactured by S.A.M.E. achieved acclaim and recognition as it was suited to African climates.

With a number of successful bids and contracts to its account, the company recorded its maiden 'First' during the 70s: S.A.M.E. designed and manufactured the first bio-filter equipment in South Africa and started manufacturing clarifiers and chemical dosing equipment.

Leveraging its international commercial networks, S.A.M.E. went on to conclude a deal with Schrage, a leading German manufacturer of screening equipment.

Thanks to the company's agility and foresight, the company also acquired grit removal technology - at that time unavailable in South Africa, in the same year period.

In 1980, partner Hans Adler moved away from the business, leaving Willi Schulz to forge ahead with S.A.M.E. on his own.
Willi did not view this as an adversity but rather as an opportunity to grow the business into one which would become known for its German-influence disciplined precision and as brand which knows how to "build it right the first time".

When Willi identified the need for local manufacturing of screw pumps, S.A.M.E. signed a deal with Trummer, a German-based lead-supplier.

The first ten years on his own, Willi entered the 1990s with vigour and an innovative approach that saw S.A.M.E. add to its list of memorable achievements:

  • Production of the first screw compactor for the South African market
  • Design and manufacture of a local step screen
  • A seven year manufacturing deal with Mahr Maschinen Bau resulted in spiral technology introduced to South Africa for the local manufacture of the Austrian company's screening equipment.

Willi handed over the reins of this growing business to the next generation in 1992 when he retired and moved down to Cape Town. In the early 2000's S.A.M.E. began manufacturing sluice gates and also acquired technology for vertical linear mixing.

With the evolving dynamics around South Africa's government tender process, and clients now seeking the full scope of mechanical supply, S.A.M.E. started exploring the complete wastewater equipment supply, as well as belt press sludge dewatering equipment as a new growth area for the business.

Following a process to research, assess and evaluate this opportunity, S.A.M.E. opened a new division in 2007 for the manufacture, sale and hire of inland hydraulic dredging equipment. This division has proved very successful and has grown substantially over the past few years.

The positive results of this market adaptation are most notable in that S.A.M.E. Water was awarded its most lucrative contract for the Central Work Acid Mine drainage.

On an undoubted growth trajectory, S.A.M.E. Water opened an electrical division in 2014 to fulfill the demand for electrical instrumentation supply on their equipment.

By 2015, the company experienced substantial growth to the extent that it needed to create an entirely stand-alone entity for S.A.M.E. Water Contracting and S.A.M.E. Manufacturing to meet the growing needs of an ever-changing market.

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